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Danking Enterprise Ltd

Taiwan, TR

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About Us

We have 27-year partnerships with buyers in the USA, Soth American, European, South Africa, Australia all of the world

Taiwan-based production facility | QC checks on all items

Every sewing notion you'll ever need
Danking Enterprise has been a leading supplier of sewing notions and garment accessories since we were founded in 1987. Our buyers keep coming back to us because they appreciate the high QC standards that back up our well-designed products.
Every order checked before it ships
Because quality products are the foundation of a long-term supplier relationship, we have a team of QC experts thoroughly check every order before it ships to make sure it meets your exact specifications. That's why our customers in the US, France, Spain and Australia have been loyal to us for over a decade.

Our network is our greatest advantage
With a factory in Taiwan and a uniquely large network of suppliers built over 26 years, we're sure to have the sewing notions you're looking for. For more information, contact us today.

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